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La Fabbrica del Lino

Centerpiece with Daisies embroidery * while stocks last

Centerpiece with Daisies embroidery * while stocks last

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In a triumph of elegance and style, our exclusive daisy embroidery centerpiece will enchant every guest with its timeless sophistication. Made with careful craftsmanship, this runner conveys an aura of grace and delicacy that blends perfectly with any environment.

The daisy floral macramé lace evokes the freshness and simplicity of nature. Every detail is crafted with precision, from the light nuances of the petals to the finely intertwined contours of the flowers, creating an engaging and enchanting visual effect.

The runner is then finished with a pure linen frame.

Whether you are preparing a formal dinner or an informal brunch, our table runner with daisy embroidery will be the undisputed protagonist of your table, capturing admiring glances and sparking flattering conversations. Add a touch of nature and grace to your dining experience with this textile masterpiece.

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