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La Fabbrica del Lino

Pack of 2 wire placemats * while stocks last

Pack of 2 wire placemats * while stocks last

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The pair of placemats in linen and cotton blend with a melange effect is an excellent fusion of elegance and practicality, ideal for embellishing your table with a touch of contemporary style. The composition of linen and cotton creates a harmonious union between the natural shine of linen and the welcoming softness of cotton.

The melange effect in the color adds depth and visual appeal to the placemats, giving a unique and sophisticated look. The slight variation in color tones creates a captivating atmosphere, making these placemats a distinctive element in your table.

The textile weave showcases quality craftsmanship, with a refined finish that enhances the beauty of the fiber combination. The melange texture not only adds visual interest, but also a subtle texture that gently caresses the surface of your table.

The pair of placemats are designed to fit a variety of decor styles, offering versatility and ease of integration into your dining settings. The resistance of the linen and cotton blend ensures long life, while the practicality of the placemats makes preparing and cleaning the table an effortless experience.

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