Shades and variations in color even over time are characteristics of the particular weaving and dyeing, done by hand, which make each garment unique and original. To keep the colors vibrant, wash separately with neutral detergent, dry in the shade, do not bleach and do not use chlorine-based treatments. During the first washes, color loss may occur.


  • Always use a NEUTRAL soap;
  • Add a delicate SOFTENER or (one excludes the other) put the product in the DRYER for MAXIMUM 15 minutes;
  • Machine wash (divide the fabrics by color) and DO NOT DRY ;
  • Wash at low temperatures, a maximum of 30/40 degrees;
  • Absolutely avoid overly strong centrifuges, which damage the fabric at the corners or ends;
  • White linen should be washed with a specific detergent for linen, equipped with whiteners capable of guaranteeing the natural white of the garment, avoiding yellowing;
  • Colored linen, on the other hand, simply requires a detergent that does not damage the color;
  • As for drying, the garments must be protected from direct sunlight, which could bleach and yellow the colours;
  • Hang inside out: the clothespins - if used - must be placed in the so-called "invisible places", i.e. on the seams, on the reverse side.


Add a teaspoon of BICARBONATE or any STAIN REMOVER but without WHITENERS to the detergent and avoid using AGGRESSIVE detergents.


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