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La Fabbrica del Lino

Unisex shawl linen bathrobe

Unisex shawl linen bathrobe

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A pure linen bathrobe, shawl and with a timeless design, is the symbol of effortless elegance and supreme comfort. This versatile, unisex garment is the ideal choice for those seeking maximum comfort without sacrificing style and high-quality craftsmanship.

The texture of natural linen is the keystone of this bathrobe. Linen, known for its lightness and freshness, embraces the skin with a delicate and enveloping caress. Its slightly irregular surface gives a touch of authenticity and sobriety, making each garment unique, like a work of textile art.

The length of the design, which goes down to the ankles, adds a touch of elegance and refinement. The loose, wrap-around shawl collar adds a touch of comfort and warmth when you need it most. The wide sleeves and roomy cut make it suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, and allow total freedom of movement.

  • shoulder width XS 45.0 S 45.0 M 46.0 L 47.0 XL 48.0 XXL 50.0
  • chest width XS 54.0 S 54.0 M 56.0 L 58.0 XL 60.0 XXL 62.0
  • width muscle XS 23.0 S 23.0 M 23.5 L 24.0 XL 24.5 XXL 25.0
  • length head w/back XS 120.0 S 120.0 M 122.0 L 124.0 XL 126.0 XXL 128.0
  • sleeve length w/wrist XS 57.0 S 57.0 M 58.5 L60.0 XL 61.5 XXL 62.0
  • front lap XS 24.0 S 24.0 M 24.5 L 25.0 XL 25.5 XXL 26.0

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