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La Fabbrica del Lino

Pair of runners

Pair of runners

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A pair of pure linen hooded table runners represents the very essence of elegance and good textile taste. These beautiful pieces are the perfect fusion of the natural beauty of linen and the sophisticated finish of the cowl hem.

Linen, known for its fine weave and soft feel, provides a luxurious base for these runners. Every square centimeter of fabric exudes a sensation of freshness and lightness, creating an atmosphere of purity and naturalness. Linen is an ideal choice for adding a note of sophistication and comfort to any table.

The cowl hem is a signature detail that further elevates these table runners. This finish is made with the utmost precision craftsmanship, creating an elegant frame around the linen. The capped hem brings timeless sophistication and impeccable cleanliness to the overall design of the runners.

These table runners are real treasures for any table. Placed gracefully on a laid table, they add a touch of effortless elegance. They are perfect for formal dinners, weddings or other special occasions, but can also be used for more casual meals with friends and family. The combination of pure linen and cowl hem creates a charming contrast between the natural simplicity of the fabric and the sophisticated finish of the hem.

* Napkins available separately *

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