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La Fabbrica del Lino

Pair of runner circles

Pair of runner circles

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This pair of pure linen runners with circle embroidery on the two short sides represents the essence of refinement and elegance. Linen, a natural fabric renowned for its fresh and light feel, creates a table accessory that captures both attention and the heart.

Linen, with its natural texture and discreet sheen, offers a unique tactile and visual experience. Its soft, breathable feel makes it ideal for year-round use, giving you a pleasant feeling of coolness in summer and cozy warmth in winter.

The expertly embroidered circles on the two short sides of the runners add a touch of class to any table. The circles, worked with great attention to detail, give the runner a clean and sophisticated look. This versatile design can elevate any occasion, from family meals to formal dinners, adding a touch of effortless style.

Furthermore, these runners can be used creatively as table centrepieces, adding an element of design and style to the heart of your table. Their timeless elegance makes them a perfect accessory for any table, transforming any occasion into a moment of beauty and refinement. With these runners, express your love for the art of decor and add a touch of class and style to your home.

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