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La Fabbrica del Lino

Decorative pillowcase with embroidery circles * while stocks last

Decorative pillowcase with embroidery circles * while stocks last

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The furnishing cushion with central circle embroidery is a decorative element that captures attention with its elegance and handcrafted details. This cushion embodies textile art in a refined form and adds a touch of distinctive style to your environment.

In the center of this cushion, you will find an embroidery of circles that develops into a fascinating pattern. These circles are executed with precision, the threads that compose them intertwine in a play of geometric shapes that fascinates and enchants the gaze. The embroidery, crafted with care and skill, is a work of textile art in itself, reflecting the craftsmanship of the creators.

The size of the cushion makes it a versatile choice for any environment. It can be used as a decorative item on a sofa, armchair or even bed, adding a touch of luxury and style. Its rectangular shape makes it ideal for lumbar support or as a pillow for relaxing while reading or watching TV.

Padding not included, sold separately.

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