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La Fabbrica del Lino

Double set with Peony embroidery

Double set with Peony embroidery

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Enhance your bedroom with the floral sophistication of our exclusive bed set, enriched with delicate peony embroidery. The touch of elegance manifests itself with the expertly positioned embroidery, placed gracefully in the upper part of the sheet, while in the pillowcases it unfolds harmoniously on one side.

The high-quality linen gives a luxurious sleeping experience, while the embroidered peonies add a touch of natural charm. This bed set is not just a hint of style, but a true celebration of handcrafted beauty.

Experience the luxury of immersing yourself in a haven of comfort wrapped in the art of peonies. Every detail, from the careful embroidery to the carefully thought-out design, transforms your bedroom into a space of timeless elegance

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