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La Fabbrica del Lino

Laundry perfume 250ml

Laundry perfume 250ml

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250ml washing machine laundry perfume.

You can use our fragrance for both machine and hand washes, on any fabric.

WASHING MACHINE: depending on the load and intensity you want to achieve, you can use
the cap as a dispenser and pour at least 3/4 caps into the tray instead of the fabric softener.

BY HAND: pour 3/4 caps into 5 liters of water that you will use for the final rinse, using protective gloves.

Top note : Spicy citrus, sweet Sicilian orange cedar peel, cloves

Heart note : Floral rose, cyclamen, lilac

Base note : Musky woody white musk, lilac

The concentrated perfume will give an intense sensation of freshness to yours
garments and the surrounding environment, which will last a long time.

It is a safe product that does not stain or damage clothes.
At your discretion, you can also add a neutral fabric softener to make the laundry soft.

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