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La Fabbrica del Lino

Double quilt with Narcissus embroidery

Double quilt with Narcissus embroidery

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Immerse yourself in the elegance and softness of our Narcissus embroidered quilt, a true work of textile art that adds style and warmth to your bedroom.

Our quilt is designed with attention to detail and made with premium materials to ensure exceptional durability and extraordinary comfort. On the front side, you will find the luxury of natural linen, known for its softness and freshness, embellished with a delicate Narcissus floral embroidery that adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

The particular combination of fabrics makes this quilt even more versatile and practical. On the back side, you'll find a soft cotton fabric, which offers a touch of comfort during cooler nights. The 100 gram polyester padding gives the quilt the right degree of warmth and comfort, ideal for all seasons.


190x270cm single

260x280 double

- Front side in soft and fresh natural linen
- Cotton back side for maximum comfort
- 100g polyester padding for ideal warmth
- Generous dimensions to fit standard mattresses, 260x280cm
- Craftsmanship for excellent quality
- Elegant and refined design

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