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La Fabbrica del Lino

Runner/centrepiece embroidery Pepper and salt color circles * while supplies last

Runner/centrepiece embroidery Pepper and salt color circles * while supplies last

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The pepper and salt embroidered table runner/centerpiece is a work of textile art that captures the essence of simplicity and elegance. Made with a natural linen fabric in delicate and neutral tones, this two-tone runner expresses refined harmony.

Its perfectly proportioned length fits beautifully in the center of a laid table, giving a touch of class and warmth to the surrounding environment. The choice of colours, a bright beige that recalls the natural color of linen and a pure white, creates a subtle but surprisingly harmonious contrast.

The embroidery of pepper and salt, delicately woven onto the linen, evokes the idea of ​​spices mixing in a gourmet cuisine. These small black and white dots create a subtle, regular pattern across the runner, adding a touch of rustic, sophisticated charm. Small imperfections in the embroidery lend a sense of authenticity, recalling the craftsmanship behind each piece.

This table runner/centerpiece becomes the focal point of any table, elevating the entire dining experience. Whether you use it for a romantic dinner or a formal reception, this elegant fabric is a statement of style, a union of traditional and contemporary, and a celebration of the intrinsic beauty of natural linen. Its silent presence, enriched by the embroidery of pepper and salt, offers an atmosphere of refinement and timeless taste.

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