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La Fabbrica del Lino

Runner with Sunflowers embroidery * while stocks last

Runner with Sunflowers embroidery * while stocks last

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The runner, long and sinuous, is adorned with a sunflower embroidery carefully placed on both short sides. Sunflowers, a symbol of joy and vitality, bring with them the promise of bright days and welcoming atmospheres. Embroidery adds a touch of refined craftsmanship, transforming your table into a palette of color and joy.

Pure linen, chosen for its quality and lightness, offers a fresh sensation to the touch and gives effortless elegance to the runner. The periwinkle shade, bright and captivating, creates a fascinating contrast with the natural color of the linen, giving the runner a sophisticated visual lightness.

With its ideal dimensions, the runner is perfect for decorating your table in an elegant and without excess. Place it in the center or along the edge of your table for a touch of style and originality that will capture the attention of all guests.

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