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La Fabbrica del Lino

NEW Linen towel set with Prisma embroidery

NEW Linen towel set with Prisma embroidery

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Wrap your bathroom in an aura of luxury and refinement with our exclusive set of pure linen towels, embellished with delicate prism embroidery. Each piece in this set is a celebration of handcrafted beauty and uncompromising quality.

The face towel and guest towels, made with the finest linen, caress the skin with unparalleled softness, absorbing moisture delicately and leaving a feeling of freshness and comfort after each use. The natural linen fiber gives our towels exceptional resistance and superior absorbency, ensuring impeccable performance even after numerous washes.

Prism embroidery, executed with skill and precision, adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the timeless linen design. The vibrant colors of the prisms blend harmoniously with the purity of the fabric, creating a fascinating contrast and a breathtaking visual effect that embellishes any bathroom with style and personality.

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