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La Fabbrica del Lino

Face and guest towel set in terrycloth with Peonies embroidery

Face and guest towel set in terrycloth with Peonies embroidery

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Let me tell you the story of an enchanting pair of face and guest towels, wrapped in timeless elegance and embellished with an unmistakable embroidery of Peonies. These towels are more than just bathroom accessories; they are a work of art woven with care and love to give you an experience of comfort and refinement.

What makes these towels even more special is their three-dimensional peony embroidery, which seems to come to life with every single petal. The Peonies with the tulle framing the flower and their delicate shape add a touch of natural beauty to these towels, transforming them into works of art to be admired every day.

The set includes a face and guest towel, both decorated with the same intricate floral design. This pair of towels is perfect for welcoming guests into your home, conveying a sense of hospitality and refinement. Plus, the high-quality cotton ensures these towels stay soft and beautiful over time, standing up to daily wear and tear.

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