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Bordi&Cornici double duvet cover and pillowcase set

Bordi&Cornici double duvet cover and pillowcase set

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Immerse yourself in timeless comfort and elegance with our exclusive double duvet cover set. This set was created to transform your bedroom into a haven of luxury and style.

The duvet cover features a flawless center seam, a detail that highlights its quality craftsmanship. This central seam not only gives a designer touch to your bedroom, but also helps to keep the duvet evenly distributed inside the bag during sleep, ensuring optimal comfort.

The two coordinated pillowcases, equipped with concealed closures, complete the set with elegance and practicality. The hidden closure gives them a clean and seamless look, enhancing the aesthetics of your double bed. The softness of the fabric will welcome you with every contact, transforming your sleep into a luxurious experience.

Made with high quality materials, this duvet cover set is designed to last over time and maintain its original beauty even after numerous washes. It is the perfect choice for those looking for an addition of class and comfort to their bedroom.

Every night, wrap yourself in this double duvet cover set and enjoy a regenerating sleep and an environment that reflects your impeccable style. Elevate your rest to new heights of comfort and sophistication with this extraordinary set.

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