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La Fabbrica del Lino

Runner/centrepiece with Petals *while supplies last

Runner/centrepiece with Petals *while supplies last

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An elegant and delicate textile creation reveals itself before you: a pure linen runner, embellished with an intricate embroidery of raised petals. This artisanal masterpiece is a union between the art of textiles and nature itself, a tribute to the beauty of flowers that bloom in spring gardens.

On both short sides, the petals come to life. They have been embroidered with astonishing skill, creating a 3D texture that seems almost ready to blossom. The petals delicately overlap, with shades of soft and lively colors that recall a real collection of fresh flowers. Shades of pink, lavender, yellow and white blend harmoniously, as if the spring garden had been captured in an instant of perfection.

This table runner is not only a simple addition to your table, but can also serve as a centerpiece . Place it gracefully in the center of your table and let its floral beauty capture the gaze of your guests. Whether you use it for an intimate dinner or an elegant party, the petal embroidered table runner will transform any occasion into a moment of magic.

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