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Terry bath towel with linen edge

Terry bath towel with linen edge

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The sponge, delicately cottony and incredibly absorbent, caresses the skin with a velvety sensation, transforming every moment of drying into a wellness ritual. Its soft and compact texture guarantees quick and effective drying, while maintaining softness upon contact with the skin.

The touch of elegance is given by the linen edge, a natural fabric that adds a touch of refinement to your daily hygiene ritual. Linen, known for its lightness and freshness, joins the toweling in a synergy of comfort and style. The edge, finely crafted with fine details, gives the bath towel a sophisticated look, making it not only a practical element but also a work of textile art.

Wrap yourself in this embrace of comfort and style, give yourself the pleasure of drying yourself elegantly and pamper yourself with the enveloping softness of a bath towel that goes beyond its practical function, becoming a small daily luxury that makes you feel special.

Pair with our linen edge sponge set.

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