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Terry shower towel with Peony embroidery

Terry shower towel with Peony embroidery

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Cotton terry shower towel with Peonies embroidery: refined timeless elegance.

What makes this towel even more special is the three-dimensional peony embroidery, which seems to come to life with every single petal. Peonies with tulle framing the flower and their delicate shape add a touch of natural beauty.

Cotton terry fabrics are widely used to make towels and bath sheets due to their absorbent properties and softness. Cotton terry is made from combed or carded cotton fibers that are processed to create a soft, porous surface. Some of the main properties include:

1. **Absorbency:** Cotton is naturally absorbent and the texture of the sponge amplifies this characteristic. It easily absorbs moisture from the skin, making it ideal for drying off after a shower.

2. **Softness:** Cotton terry tends to be soft to the touch, providing comfort during use.

3. **Durability:** Cotton is generally durable and can withstand frequent washing without losing its shape or absorbency.

4. **Quick Drying:** Despite its great ability to absorb moisture, cotton terry also tends to dry rather quickly.

5. **Hypoallergenicity:** Cotton is known to be less irritating to the skin than other materials, making it suitable even for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Be sure to follow the washing and care instructions for your cotton towel or terry cloth to maintain its properties over time.

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