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La Fabbrica del Lino

Modular tablecloth with buttons and buttonholes * while stocks last

Modular tablecloth with buttons and buttonholes * while stocks last

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The modular tablecloth is a masterpiece of practical and modern design, designed to elevate the dining experience. Its versatility is evident in the intelligent construction choices: on one side, the presence of elegant buttons gives a refined and functional touch, while on the top there are wisely placed buttonholes.

The button section, strategically positioned, allows you to easily join the various panels of the tablecloth, ensuring a uniform and well-stretched surface on the table. The buttons, not only functional but also decorative, add an element of style that catches attention without being overly flashy.

On the other hand, buttonholes offer a fascinating alternative. This design solution allows the slots to be inserted easily and precisely into the table feet, anchoring the tablecloth securely and preventing it from moving during the meal. This feature adds stability to the tablecloth, ensuring a neat and clean look on the table.

The tablecloth, with its measurement of 128x160 centimetres, is ideal for tables of different sizes, adapting elegantly to various furnishing configurations. The choice of high quality materials guarantees not only a pleasant sensation to the touch but also resistance to wear over time.

We recommend a drop of 30cm per side

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