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La Fabbrica del Lino

Modular buttoned tablecloth with tartan embroidery * while stocks last

Modular buttoned tablecloth with tartan embroidery * while stocks last

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The runner is an elegant symphony of innovative design and functional versatility. With an impeccable length, this runner is designed to add a distinctive touch of style to your table. What makes this accessory unique are its dual characteristics: on one side it presents a series of delicately set buttons, while on the other it shows refined and strategically positioned buttonholes.

The side adorned with buttons is an example of refinement and originality. Each button is carefully selected to add a touch of effortless elegance. The criss-cross design and careful button placement create an interesting and dynamic surface, catching the eye with a mix of modernity and timeless class.

On the opposite side, the runner transforms into a work of practicality and flexibility. The buttonholes, perfectly integrated into the fabric, allow intuitive adjustment of the length of the runner. This functional detail allows you to adapt the accessory to tables of different sizes, making it perfect for any occasion, from informal lunches to more formal dinners.

The palette of colors and materials chosen for this runner is an ode to refinement. The shades are sophisticated and harmonious, creating a subtle but captivating contrast between the part with buttons and the one with buttonholes. The fabric, soft to the touch, adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the overall experience.

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