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La Fabbrica del Lino

Tablecloth with Campanelle embroidery * while stocks last

Tablecloth with Campanelle embroidery * while stocks last

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Made with artisan care, its high quality fabric offers a pleasant sensation to the touch, soft and smooth as silk. A delicate ivory color serves as the perfect backdrop for the undisputed protagonist: a flawless embroidery of dancing bells.

On each side of the tablecloth, a bell ornament creates an enchanting decorative pattern. The bells are masterfully embroidered with gold and silver threads, resulting in brilliant details that subtly catch the light. The bells alternate in size and style, some small and discreet, others larger and more sumptuous, creating a harmonious rhythm along the edges.

Each bell is a small masterpiece, with finely crafted details that give the tablecloth a touch of prestige. The intricate details of the bells, with their sinuous and curved shapes, seem to play silent melodies as they intertwine in an elegant ballet of embroidery. Each bell seems ready to vibrate at the slightest touch, adding a sense of liveliness and lightness to the surrounding atmosphere.

The tablecloth with bell embroidery is thus transformed into a functional piece of art, adding a touch of grace and tradition to the table. Whether used for an elegant dinner or a special party, this tablecloth is destined to become the center of any occasion, capturing attention with its subtle beauty and timeless charm.

We recommend a drop of 30cm

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