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La Fabbrica del Lino

Rectangular tablecloth with Circles embroidery * while stocks last

Rectangular tablecloth with Circles embroidery * while stocks last

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The tablecloth with circle embroidery is a masterpiece of simplicity and textile elegance. Crafted from fine pure linen, this tablecloth represents a harmonious fusion of sophistication and minimalism.

Linen, known for its fine weave and delicate feel, offers a perfect base for embroidering circles. Every square centimeter of fabric transmits a sensation of freshness and lightness to the touch, creating an atmosphere of purity and naturalness.

The circles embroidery is a design that catches the eye with its elegant simplicity. On the four sides of the tablecloth, circles of various sizes are arranged with geometric precision. Some circles are larger, some smaller, creating a fascinating visual composition. This pattern evokes a sense of harmony and balance, with the symmetry of the circles blending beautifully with the texture of the linen.

The expertly crafted circle embroidery adds a note of sophisticated beauty without being excessive. Each circle is outlined with perfection, creating a sensation of movement and dynamism on the tablecloth. The simplicity of the design blends elegantly with the natural essence of the linen, creating a pleasant contrast between the precision of the embroidery and the lightness of the fabric.

This tablecloth is a perfect addition to any table. It is ideal for formal dinners or special occasions, but is also suitable for more informal lunches with family and friends. The embroidered circles add a touch of effortless elegance, while the pure linen ensures a feeling of luxury and comfort. In any case, this tablecloth with circles embroidery will be the center of attention, creating an atmosphere of discreet beauty and timeless style.

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